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Jessica-Jane Clement is very Hot

    We don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Jessica-Jane Clement off the Real Hustle is sitting around in her underwear. And she’s looking really good doing it. Like, REALLY good. Come over here and have a quick look...
    Jessica-Jane Clement in a lingerie shoot
    Just a quick one, mind, we're all busy people
    Why is Jessica-Jane Clement in her underwear? We just don’t know. It’s one of the great mysteries of life, like “Why do we generate so much belly button fluff yet never develop holes in our jumpers at navel height?” Or “Why do things taste better when we’re drunk, even though our senses should be dulled?”
    Jessica-Jane Clement in a lingerie shoot
    Or "How come some people bother to wear matching socks?"
    Nevertheless, Jessica-Jane Clement is in her underwear. We can’t change that, and we wouldn’t want to even if we could (which would involve some sort of time-travel device powered by raw prudishness) because much like you, dear reader, we absolutely sodding love it when Jessica-Jane Clement is in her underwear. Instead we can only speculate as to why, so here follows some thoroughly researched reasons why:
    1) She’s growing tropical orchids and the greenhouse-like heat of her house means she’s had to remove all but her final layer of clothes
    2) She’s trying to increase the property value of the surrounding area by appearing scantily-clad in the windows
    Jessica-Jane Clement in a lingerie shoot
    We'd certainly consider moving in next door
    3) She can’t find her clothes ANYWHERE; she’s looked all over and found nothing
    4) She was scrubbing behind the loo and didn’t want to get her trousers all grimy on the bathroom floor
    5) Some people asked her to nicely in exchange for money and she graciously agreed
    As boring as it sounds, it’s probably number five. If it were any of the others she’d probably look a bit more indignant at people taking photographs of her.


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