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Kristina and Karissa Shannon are sexy sisters

    The above sentence is hardly news. However, Kristina and Karissa Shannon are indeed sisters and they've been in Playboy in the past, so they’re about as hot as you’d expect them to be, i.e. rather. And they were photographed recently on their way to a thing.
    So take a look at them, basically. We’re not here to hold your hand, you know how this site works by now.
    Alright, we'll hold your hand. But not while anyone's watching, alright?
    They were photographed while they were out and about in the good old US of A doing a thing. We think they were going to a restaurant, or leaving a restaurant. Or at an extremely dark open-plan restaurant. The core idea is that restaurants were somehow involved with these hot blonde twins wearing skimpy clothing. What more do you want?
    It’s a bit like that Sophie Turner character: we’re not really bothered what she’s doing (and weirdly, it always seems to involve restaurants somehow), it’s actually a bit more about the pictures of sexy blonde women. You dig? Yeah, you dig. You’re a hip sort of character. You know what’s going on.
    You're down with the kids
    The girls have recently moved back into the Playboy mansion to keep Hef company after his fiancée, 25-year-old Crystal Harris, (who’s a 'singer', apparently, and has released a 'song' called Club Queen which you can listen to here if you want proof that a malevolent Gnostic beast has replaced God) walked out on him just before they tied the knot.
    We can see why. Frankly, he looks like a prune with its teeth out, but it’s a shame to see young love torn apart by pre-wedding jitters.

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