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Sexy Filipina Hawaiian Model

    A Ladie’s man. Somebody who’s a player. He feels like he can get all the women. Aand he’s always got these girls around him. That is so tacky. The guy who is sexy is the guy who can get all the women a nd doesn’t have to go there all the time.That’s a hot guy.
    I am filipina/hawaiian…i have a temper sometimes and can be a bitch but trust me….you’ll LOVE IT!!
    Educated, independent, Happy, caring, aloof, faithful and dynamic. I’m a woman with clear and defined goals. Determination, courage and self-confidence are three of the qualities that distinguish me.
    My biggest flaw is that I’m compulsively late. I carry my own weight, and NO MAN creates my identity. I’m a sucker for quality conversations, honesty and people on the grind.
    i love to party. i love relaxin at home. i love being pampered. i like going out on vacations(wish i can do it more often) partying with my girls is my drug…i have the funnest friends. i cant get enough of dancing.
    i am a flirt, lifes too short not to be. i hate boys but damn i cant get enough of them. i have an obssesion with shopping. it makes all my bad days better. friends and love ones fill my life with excitement.
    i believe in destiny and fate. i love to wonder about the future. i love to be right, hate being wrong. i love to learn and experiencing new things. laughter and love are my best memories. if it makes you happy it cant be that bad…and if makes you sad, it just wasnt meant to be.
    i live with a few regrets, everyday gives me a new chance to start over

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